What does a new roof system cost?

Several key factors go into determining the cost of your new roof. They include the brand and type of product you use, as well as the grade of the roofing for your location and environmental factors such as living near the coast.

The experience, quality, and professionalism of your roofing company also play a factor. Getting a new roof is a reasonably sized investment so it is important you are getting the very best when considering your roofing quote.

Don’t be fooled by roofing contractors that take advantage of homeowners by overcharging for unnecessary work or by taking shortcuts in actual work done and the quality of the roofing materials used.

Ensure you get a detailed written quote that you fully understand so you can compare apples with apples. Don’t get caught out with dodgy roofing contractors pricing low to get the job and then stinging you with extra charges.

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Factors to look out for in your quote include:

  • Choice of product, colour, profile and finish – some choices are more expensive than others
  • Complexity of design and height of roof – higher roofs may require scaffolding and other protective measures to be built
  • If your roof has a higher pitch or large rafter spaces, the cost may increase. Two-storey homes may mean that the cladding and pitch will dictate the type of flashings required
  • Extra accessories like chimneys, skylights, raking cuts, etc. will add to the cost of a metal roof replacement
  • Installation cost per square meter – this may reduce with a larger roof
  • Any remedial work required once your old roof has been removed
  • The cost of removal and disposal of the old roof

Getting a new roof is something you should only have to do every 20 to 25 or so years, the last thing you want is having to get it replaced early due to poor workmanship or even worse case scenario… being up for significant costs due to damage caused by leaks to the interior of your house.

It’s important to keep in mind that price should only be one factor you consider when choosing a contractor for a roof replacement. Quality of materials and highly skilled workmanship are just as important since your roof system will only be as good as the contractors who install it.

Always insist on a contractor who is dedicated to providing quality work and has a reference list of satisfied customers that can vouch for their level of workmanship.

If you have any questions or need any advice, please call me personally. You can call me free on 0800 637 663 to discuss your roofing situation.

At Auckland Roofing Solutions we offer you a FREE no-obligation written quotation**, including advice on the most suitable products for your individual needs and application.

** Please Note: Roof quotations/estimates for the purpose of Real Estate negotiations or Bank Approvals are charged at $180.00 plus GST (eg. when the property is not yet owned or is on the market for sale).

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