My roof leaks. Do I need to have it replaced completely?

It depends. If the leak is simply caused by faulty flashing or a small section of roof that has been damaged, then you will most likely only need to repair the source of the leak. If, however, the entire roofing system has failed as a result of poor installation or subpar materials, then a new roof installation is appropriate and often necessary.

We can advise you on this once we have completed an inspection of your roof and provide you with a complete report.

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There are a few ways to determine if it’s time to replace your roofing Age, leaks or appearance.


Most roofs generally last around 2 decades. If your roof is approaching 20 years of age, it’s very likely it’s near the end of its useful life.


If you see evidence of water leaking inside your home, it probably has been leaking for quite a while. Water can damage rafters, insulation, ceilings, walls and more.

Extensive structural damage can create a huge problem for homeowners and significant costs. It’s often cheaper and less involved to simply replace the roof before it begins to leak.